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RHTS Site Booking Form

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Format: dd/mm/yyyy (i.e. 21/12/2009)
Format: dd/mm/yyyy (i.e. 21/12/2009)
  1. I understand that it is my responsibility to use the IT facilities in accordance with University of Tasmania policies.
  2. I understand that the accommodation is to be left clean and tidy on my departure. 
  3. I undertake to carry out the following before I leave:
    • vacuum my room
    • wipe inside of fridge
    • ensure kitchen and living areas are clean and tidy
    • wash, dry and put away my dishes
    • wipe kitchen benches
    • wipe bathroom sink, shower and/or bath
    • remove my perishable items from the refrigerator and dispose of appropriately
    • launder my bed linen and towels or leave in a designated area as directed by the Site Manager (where applicable)
    • dispose of my rubbish in the bins provided
    • place wheelie bins outside for collection
  4. If excessive cleaning is required, I agree to pay an $80 cleaning fee which will either be invoiced to me or deducted from my Rural Placement Allowance.
  5. I understand that staff and/or associated personnel from the University of Tasmania/health centre/hospital may need to access the accommodation for purposes such as cleaning, housekeeping, maintenance or repairs.
Last Modified: 01-May-2017