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( For University roles other than student or staff member )

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Persons who are not employees of the University of Tasmania may be provided with a University account and access to associated services, required to support a School or Section or associated Organisation, where approved by the appropriate authorised person.

Please Note: There is currently a five (5) working day turn-around on new NUMA form processing. We are sorry for any inconvenience that this causes.

Tasks for the Applicant:
  • Fill out your personal details, the services requested, the department involved and the email address of the coordinator for the department. These details are in blocks 1, 2, 3, and 4 respectively.
  • You may populate your personal details with data from the Identity Management Database by pressing the 'Fill Form from my LOGIN' button if you used authenticated access to invoke this form.
  • Provide as many of your names as possible. If the detail provided is insufficient to distinguish you from existing entries in the Identity Management Database your request will be delayed while the ambiguity is resolved.
  • Ensure you provide the coordinator with a good copy of photo identification, for example a Driver's Licence. Your name and birthdate need to be legible. (Scan and email or provide a paper version)
  • Ensure you provide the coordinator with a signed copy of the ICT Services and Facilities Use Agreement . (Scan and email or provide a paper version)
  • Ensure you have set the email address of the coordinator correctly. If you don't nobody will know your application exists!
  • Submit the form by pressing the 'Send to Coordinator' button

Please CHECK the tasks ABOVE BEFORE you PRESS a button

Access to University services is requested:
for the person detailed below,
Title Preferred Name
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Second Name Third Name
Birth Details
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Birth Family Name
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Contact Details
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to have the access detailed below,
Service Required
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Period for which access is requested
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in order to support the University School/Section or Organisation below.
School/Section/Organisation *

Work Flow participants nominated to process this request.
Email Addresses
Nominate staff for these roles
Applicant If applicant has a contact address please enter here.
Coordinator Who will liase with service recipient and forward documentation to ITR? e.g. Secretary
Authorising Officer Who will authorise school/section/organisational responsibility? i.e. Head, Director, Manager, or CEO etc .
Registrar Normally
Communicator Who will communicate the service access key/password details to the recipient? e.g. School/Section Secretary

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